If you have purchased one of our cat screens and would like to see your cat featured here,

send us a cute photo on our "contact us" page.

Our pets are important to us.  After all they are part of our family and we want to keep them safe.  Animals are easily disoriented when confronted with vehicles and noises they are unfamiliar with.  Easyscreens help to keep our cats from wandering out into the road and other unsafe places.


There are some people who do not like animals and get their kicks by hurting our little friends.  Although fitting our screens to your doors and windows will not stop these people from acting in such a way, it will help to keep our pets safe from wondering into their path.

No one likes to lose a pet and often those pets are not found.  Someone finds them and decides to keep them or more likely decides to sell them. 
Pet thieves are getting more educated about the cost of a pedigree animal and because it is very hard to detect a pet being stolen; this type of thievery is on the rise.  Don’t let your pet become a statistic.

Easyscreens can help keep our pets safe inside and other animals and bugs outside where they belong.


Important Information

Please note most cats do not go under or over the screen mesh in our retractable door screens. However, some cats if they are persistant, may be able to get under or over the screen mesh. We cannot guarantee that this will not happen and cannot take any responsibility for the safety of your cat.


Please note that Our cat Screens are made of very strong fiberglass mesh which is the same mesh used in all our door and window screens.

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