Our window screens are made of powder coated aluminium and are in a kit which is easy to put together. takes about 10 mins. and fitting less than 5 mins.
      UK coming around to using fly screens    

For many years people in the UK have been used to sharing their homes in the summer with flies, wasps mosquitoes and other flying insects. I became aware of fly screens when visiting California for a month long holiday. We were sitting in the dining room enjoying our meal and I noticed a couple of flies sitting on the window screens. Eureka! it hit me...why don't we have these in the UK? My American hosts were quite amused in my fascination over their screens. They said its something we've always had and were supprised to find out that most people in the UK don't have fly screens.

After returning to the UK, I decided to go online and google fly screens and that's where I found easyscreens.

I am pleased to say that my insect free environment is simply wonderful. I can now relax in my conservatory, gin and tonic in hand, enjoying the breeze.

Joanne Wintworh..Hampshire



Fixed Window Screens - made up and are ready to install. Sizes up to 610 mm x 1220 mm

  The difference in price between MADE UP and KIT form is £10 extra on the postage as we have to re-inforce the box to keeps the screens from being damaged.
  Fixed Window Screens - KIT FORM. Easy to assemble and easy to install. Sizes up to 610 mm x 1220 mm
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